Small Business Internet Marketing Strategies

Provided below are some small business marketing tips that every small business can easily implement at minimal expense. Some strategies are readily apparent and some you may have overlooked. 

Photo Me PleaseIntegrate Online Video into Your Website/Social Media

Don't Be Shy and Step in front of the Camera

When given the choice between reading paragraphs of text and watching an online video your web visitor will click to watch your video 9 times out of 10. After all.. How many people are creatures of habit watching TV every evening versus reading a book. Web visitors want to be entertained and informed at the same time. The power of a high quality video telling a compelling story is a great way to add another dimension to your marketing efforts. 

Post Your Case Studies on your Website

Show potential customers what you can do through words, pictures, videos and testimonials

Show your history of success and accomplishment by displaying Case Studies of your project or work successes. 

Utilize the "writer" in your office by creating a small template the can be used to Summarize key areas of each project. Be mindful to include as many industry relevant keywords as possible in the Case Study. These keywords relevant to your industry and included in your case studies will help in your search engine optimization efforts. 

The case studies will not need to be extensive reports, but they do need to contain useful information so that they are more than mere marketing fluff. Be sure to exlain the customer's particular problem, and how your product or service solved that problem. Be sure to ask for a testimonial from the client about their satisfaction on the project.  

Keep those old PDF/HTML Newsletters Working for You

That's the gift that keeps giving all year long Clark...

Do you spend hours generating newsletter content and designing a beautiful HTML or PDF newsletter? Once the newsletter has past it's period of usefulness do you delete it from the website?  

Rather than lose all of that great information create a page or a directory to publish your past PDF Newsletters to these pages. Google has the power to index most PDF Documents (See Verification on Google's Webmaster Site) and certainly your HTML newsletters. Keep that valuable information available for Search Engines to scan and index. 

Use content to drive interest in your Products and Services

Gather, organize and promote content related to your products and services to help pull in web traffic.

Be active in developing and gathering content related to your subject matter. Compile information and use your creativity to relate that information to your product and services. The only limits here are your creativity to blend your products and services with the larger related subject.  

Invest in a High Quality Camera

Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves? - Andy Warhol

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and it is a lot quicker to take a well planned high quality photo related to your products or services than to come up with 1,000 words that project the same thing. Take photos of special events, activities that are significant to your business. These photos will your marketing person promote the fact that your business or organization has a history and is a legitimate organization made up of people just like them. 

After all you have just a few seconds to impress a website visitor, and nothing ruins your credibility as quickly as a low resolution photo. A low quality 72dpi photo screams "how good could this company be as they can't even come up with a quality photo".

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