Art on the Parish Green

Art on the Parish Green combines the finest in local entertainment, food, and artisan craftsmanship, putting them all together to showcase our flourishing downtown area and to help provide community support for the needy in this near-downtown New Albany neighborhood.

Beck's Mill Gristmill

Beck's Mill is one of the most famous and historic landmarks in Indiana. Beck's Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. Beck's Mill is the only extant mill in Indiana that used only grindstone milling in the entire milling process.

Cornucopia Farm

From our corn and soybean mazes to our petting farm and pumpkin patches, Cornucopia Farm offers something for everyone. Cornucopia Farm is owned and operated by the Kevin and Linda Baird family. The Bairds received the "Indiana Farm Family of the Year" award in a ceremony in Indianapolis in December 2012.

Flying Feet Agility

Flying Feet Agility provides each and every dog and handler the opportunity to improve themselves and their communication. At Flying Feet Agility we use a blend of training methods - clicker training (operant conditioning), lure reward, and traditional training to achieve the best results for happy, willing and obedient canine partners.

Gilligan's Boats

Gilligan's Boats understands the needs of the recreational boater, fishing enthusiast, and the competitive angler. We understand and share your love for quality time on the water with friends and family. Our goal at Gilligan's Boats is to provide our clients with the products and services that will make your visit to Patoka Lake a treasured memory for years to come.

Stonewall Jackson's Wife

I reached out to Lori Roberts in the Fall of 2014 to ask her if she needed assistance with her website. While researching vendors to include in another website I found that her website was no longer active. I sent her an email and asked if she needed any assistance. After working out the details and pricing for a new website I went to work creating this site for her.